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The Cochrane and Area Hospice Society delivers, collaborates and presents information on a variety of events and programs and resources to raise awareness in support of the end-of-life journey.

Up and Coming Events & Programs 2020



Walking Through Grief and Loss Support Walk

'Walking in nature is therapy for the body and soul" - Unknown

We will continue our Support Walks into the winter months as a drop-in group that will meet at Spraylakes Sawmill Family Sports Centre (Main Doors) every Tuesday. We meet at 10 am and walk outside if weather premits with the options of walking inside. We start walk at 10:00 am. We share an enjoyable 45-minute walk with the option of continuing the conversation and socializing at a local coffee shop afterwards.

Please note: This is NOT intended to be therapeutic group but to provide participants with an opportunity to experience the beauty of nature (or the companionship at Spraylakes indoors) and walk alongside others who are on a similar journey.

Our walks are free, with drop-in fees at Spraylakes covered by the Cochrane and Area Hospice Society.

If you are interested in volunteering to host a walk, please go to the following link:

If you have any questions about the Support Walk please email:


2020 Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Association Roadshow

WHAT is the Roadshow?

It’s a series of full-day educational workshops developed in response to an identified need for palliative care training and development throughout rural Alberta.

The benefits of the AHPCA Roadshow include community building and strengthening through networking, and increased knowledge and skills about issues related to hospice palliative care and other associated fields.

WHO attends the Roadshow?

The AHPCA Roadshow participants include multi-agency professionals, such as nurses, social workers, teachers, complementary therapists, and health care administrators. You’ll also find volunteers, caregivers, patients, families, and interested community members in the Roadshow audiences. Over 3,000 Albertans have attended the AHPCA Roadshow in the past 9 years.

We are excited to annouce that the Cochrane and Area Hospice Society in collaboration with AHPCA is planning a Roadshow event in the Town of Cochrane May 8, 2020!

Information on the event is provided below, and registration is now open by selecting the button:


2020 Hike for Hospice

The third annual Hike for Hospice Event will be hosted by the Cochrane and Area Hospice Society at Mtiford Park on May 10, 2020.

More details will follow closer to the event.

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Cochrane and Area Hospice Society Remembrance celebration! 

The Cochrane and Area Hospice Society would like to thank everyione who made the November 30, 2019 Remembrance Tree celebration a wonderful expereince.

It was a special day of remembering the many loved ones who remain close to our hearts, and will now become an anuual opportunity to share and celebrate the many special lives that have  lit up our two beautiful trees. Our celebration of remembring those special to us by replacing the white lights with coloured lights will occur again in 2020.

To all who provided donations to the CHS, we thank you and ensure that your donations will continue to support every opportunity to advocate and support the end-of-life journey that families encouter throughout the year.

Thank you to the River Reeds for their musical background.Certainly added a special touch to the event.


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